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Retirement Plan Success | 

There are several interested parties of retirement plans.  Each has its own needs and definitions of success. 


We help you understand your responsibilities from a regulatory view. 

We help explain the benefit and value of the retirement plan to employees.

We help to educate employees so they can make an informed decision.


Helping you to create a simple & efficient process to manage the retirement plan. 

Assisting with communication between your recordkeeper and 3rd party administrator.

Helping you understand and fulfill your fiduciary duties.


A prudent process of selecting and monitoring your investment options.

Simple and diversified investment menu that is geared towards real-life retirement goals. 

Relevant education on financial planning and retirement topics.

Dept. of Labor

Are knowledgeable professionals hired for areas where the plan sponsor lacks the requisite experience and skills?


Maintain a fiduciary file that documents the fiduciary decision-making process. 


Plan discrimination testing

Are plan service providers being selected and monitored in a prudent process?

Are plan investments being selected and monitored in a prudent process?

For a fiduciary fact sheet from the Dept. of Labor see the PDF link below. 


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