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How it Works

Open accounts with Custodian
The Custodian (Charles Schwab or TD Ameritrade) holds your assets, execute trades, sends out trade confirmations and monthly statements, issues year-end tax forms, calculates required minimum distributions for retirement accounts, and grants on-line access to view you portfolios via their website. Mosaic Pacific Investment Advisors will have the authority to change investments in your account and collect management fees.
Transfer Assets
With your authorization, we will initiate the transfer of assets from your current custodian or broker. Most of the time the cost basis of your holdings will transfer as well.  Mosaic Pacific will ensure that all of your assets are transferred over as you requested. 
We will invest your assets appropriately.
We will place trades on your behalf to get your portfolio properly invested. Also, we will monitor and make on-going changes to your investments.
We will keep you informed. 
In addition to our regular meetings, Mosaic Pacific will issue you performance reports at the end of every quarter.  Approximately two weeks after the end of the calendar quarter (March, June, September and December) we will send you a consolidated performance report. This report will show you how your investments are doing. This is in addition to your monthly statements issued by the custodian.  Along with this report is our billing statement for our fees. The fees will be charged directly to your account.
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