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Benefits of using a Mosaic Pacific advisor

We are fiduciaries.
All representatives providing investment advice through a registered investment advisor are held to a fiduciary standard.  A fiduciary is held to the highest standard of care and a fiduciary must place your interests first. Most investors, after learning that Advisors are fiduciaries and brokers and insurance agents are not, opt to utilize an investment Advisor for their financial service needs.  At Mosaic Pacific, we take our fiduciary role very seriously, placing the interests of our clients in front of our own.
Diversity of Investment Vehicles.
At Mosaic Pacific, we have access to an open architecture of investments, including no-load mutual funds, loaded mutual funds purchased at the net asset value (NAV), institutional money managers, stocks, bonds, UITs and ETFs.  We feel incorporating a wide range of investment vehicles is the best way to tailor a portfolio suited to your specific goals. 
People Goals vs. Corporate Goals
Our founding members started Mosaic Pacific Investment Advisors to embrace our client's goals versus corporate goals.  At Mosaic Pacific, your goals are our goals. 
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